We offer a full spectrum of Owner’s Representative services.  Functioning as the project management consultant, we coordinate and manage your contractual relationships with designers, engineers, contractors, and vendors.

Please review a list of our services below to learn how we can be an asset to you during the building process.

Value Engineering

During value engineering, we identify design elements that could be more cost efficient, without making any sacrifices that degrade the value of the final product.  
This process is most efficient before construction begins, but we never stop looking for possibilities through the duration of the project.

Constructability/Plan Review

We thoroughly review the design documents and identify any deficiencies within a design.  This saves countless dollars in possible change orders, which disrupt the balance of the budget.

CPM Scheduling

Through using CPM, a mathematically based algorithm for scheduling a construction project, we are able to successfully mitigate schedule delays.

Budget Development and Analysis

Using our hands on experience and sharp cost mitigation experience, we can develop and manage a budget that is both designable and build-able. 


We can provide detailed, real-world estimates for virtually any construction application.  This assists with awards with bids, as well as change order mitigation. As estimating is directly tied to the project’s budget, a precise estimation cannot be disparaged.

Bid Management

The success or failure of a project can often rest upon contractor selection and ensuring the entire scope of the design documents are covered. As the bid process is much more dynamic than just taking the low bid, our services at this stage are encouraged.

Project Specific Website

We provide a project specific website, which serves as a communication device and ambassador to the general public and can be used as a vital tool to relate information to anyone vested in your project. 

Contract Development and Review

 We enable strong negotiating skills and excellent document knowledge to form a contract which gives our client a competitive edge.

Procurement & Logistics

Hine oversees the procurement process, to mitigate any schedule delays related to materials.  This process is an integral part of our scheduling program, and must be implemented in conjunction.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Hine offers resources to give perspective clients a full financial picture of the building’s total cost.

Design Team Selection

Involving Hine before the design team is selected allows our team to give recommendations on the personnel which will communicate your vision through plans.  Efficient design documents will help to nullify extra costs associated with design deficiencies.

Glass Walls

Hine offers a process that provides documentation of building quality as well as precisely document what is hidden in your building and transpose them to a readable computer format.  This information is useful in a variety of applications from remodeling, to electrical, plumbing and mechanical maintenance. 

Contact Administration

Hine ensures that all stakeholders of the construction project are living up to their expectations, ensuring total invested capital is equal to the value of the project.

Pay app Review

Hine reviews every payment application, ensuring you are only paying for work which is equal to the equity of the building.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Hine can manage the QA/QC process to avoid continuing with costly building mistakes.  This helps to mitigate any future issues with the building process.

Change Order Management

A change order is when a contract must perform work at an extra cost on the project which was not expected.   Hine advises on a contingency for these change orders.  During construction, Hine thoroughly analyzes each change order for more cost effective alternatives as well as legitimizes each of the costs.

Financial Forecasting

Hine uses our decades of experience and perceptive management practices to identify these risks ahead of time, allowing them to be addressed before they become a risk to the project.

Commissioning Oversight

Hine closely monitors the commissioning agent’s actions, and makes certain that all details are closely followed to receive a functional building, with the warranties intact.

FF & E (Fixtures, Furnishings, & Equipment)

Hine manages procurement and negotiation of these items on behalf of the owner.  This service supplies the remaining pieces for the building to be occupied.


Hine collects and reviews operation and maintenance manuals and closely monitors the punch list operation.  Additionally, Hine performs contract close-out functions, such as warranty work, ensuring the close-out documents are in order, and authorizing release of retention.