Hine Builders provides comprehensive construction services for new construction, renovation and historic restorations, from conception to the life of the home.

  • Preliminary Design Review & Budget Development
  • Construction Management
  • Home Maintenance Program  
  • Owner’s Representation

our approach

Early Identification of Needs    

The best homes begin with a dialogue between architect, client, designer and builder. Identifying and understanding the client’s vision, needs, and key building issues from the start are essential to developing successful long-term solutions. The client’s needs are assigned the highest priority. 

Client Service  

Each project involves unique challenges, and we regard every client as a valuable asset in the entire building process. We provide clients with leadership and one-on-one personal attention, beginning with a preliminary design review, site and plan studies, budgeting and continuing with our Home Maintenance Program. Hine Builders offers comprehensive, well-documented information empowering clients to make educated decisions about design, scheduling and budgeting.

Cost Control Management     

Preliminary Design Review & Budget Development 

  • Cost management begins at inception. Our review of the preliminary design allows us the opportunity to begin a dialogue on budget development. These valuable early discussions ensure a productive use of time as the architectural drawings are further developed and details of the home are refined.

Detailed Pricing, Itemization and Options

  • When the construction drawings and specifications allow, we then provide highly detailed pricing and itemized costs. Hine Builders has a long history of analyzing costs, providing options and value engineering to meet budgetary goals. 

Cost Management & Tracking

  • Expenses are better managed when reviewed early and often. During the construction phase, we provide accurate financial reports each month. 

Our goal is to accommodate the client’s budget while providing optimal value - always with complete transparency.

Establishing Material Standards

During the project’s early stages, primary building materials are established. Long and short-term costs are examined to provide choices that are both durable and economical. Product life cycles, sustainable options, restored and reclaimed materials are other considerations. Throughout the building phase, our research continues, culminating in a home finely wrought of the best, most appropriate materials. 

Carefully Selected Craftsmen   

Our homes are technologically advanced, soundly constructed and seamlessly integrated with today’s complex and sophisticated infrastructures. Hine Builders maintains these high standards of excellence utilizing the talent, sensibilities and perseverance of a team of fine craftsmen whose experience and skills enable the creation of the finest architectural details. A hallmark of our company is its relationship with highly talented tradesman who share our ideals of design integrity and superb quality.


Clear communication is critical in meeting expectations and achieving successful results. We offer clients a secure, online project management and collaboration system for document management and communication that delivers consolidated, organized information from the initial contact to the finished project. Team members can access this from anywhere in the world using the Internet.


Hine Builders will develop and manage a detailed, realistic timeline for the project. Included are dates for material and design decisions that will have an impact on the agreed target finish date for the project. It’s our responsibility to make certain that all team members know exactly what and when something is expected from them. 

We consistently recognize all of the client’s special personal requirements to ensure the home is perfectly tailored to meet their individual needs and aspirations. 

It’s our goal get the client’s life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Sustainable Building

Through our membership in the U.S. Green Building Council, we participate in ongoing green education through seminars and workshops. We work constantly to improve the sustainable building practices that underlie each project. Special care is taken to insure that our projects use energy efficiently and utilize products and processes that are environmentally responsible. 

Home Maintenance Program   

Hine Builders offers a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and home repair service designed to preserve the beauty, life and value of your home. Home Care is a complete package of preventive maintenance services tailored just for your home. It is designed to identify problems, create action plans, perpetually maintain the home, efficiently correct small repairs and provide professional service for larger repairs. We will proactively address the needs around your home and will accommodate your personal requests. Maintenance tasks are performed automatically and repairs can be handled through a single telephone call. 






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